How to Get Rid of Fire Ants

How to Get Rid of Fire Ants Living in the South means sweet tea, mild winters, and fire ants! Let’s face it; no one likes fire ants. They are a nuisance and can really leave their marks! While we can’t permanently eradicate fire ants from this region, we can help you control them within your yard!

Preparing Houseplants for Winter

  • 07 October 2018
Preparing Houseplants for Winter During the spring and summer months, it is not uncommon to bring your houseplants outside to give them a little extra sunlight and warmth. It generates new growth and root development and spruces up your patio or screened-in porch. But, with the colder months approaching, it is wise to plan to

Post-Hurricane To Do List

  • 19 September 2018
Post-Hurricane To Do List Well, Hurricane Florence has come and gone, leaving a lasting impact on North Carolina. First off, our thoughts and prayers are with all of those who were affected by the storm. Some people only suffered minimal damage, with one or two singles missing, while others have suffered extensive flood damage. If

Landscaping with Grasses

  • 30 August 2018
Landscaping with Grasses Grasses are an excellent way to add depth, texture, and color to your landscape! In addition to adding several aesthetically pleasing aspects, landscaping with grasses is easy in our climate, as most are drought tolerant and thrive in full sun! Continue reading to explore the different varieties available to you! Blue Dune Grass

How to Get Rid of Bagworms

How to Get Rid of Bagworms Have you ever seen a Leyland Cypress or Emerald Green Arborvitae with large spots of browning? Chances are these trees are infested with bagworms. If left untreated, bagworms can devour an entire tree within a month. In addition to completely killing a tree, the bagworms can quickly spread to other trees! Read