Christmas Tree Care

There is nothing better than the smell of a fresh-cut Christmas tree throughout the house. While the needles are a hassle, many people will agree that the mess is worth the sweet fragrance of a live Christmas tree. If you are one to take part in the tradition of a fresh-cut Christmas tree, continue reading for our Christmas tree care tips!

A Fresh Cut

After you have selected the fullest, straightest tree that you can find, be sure to ask the tree farm or tree lot associate to give your tree a fresh cut. Most associates will automatically ask if you want a fresh cut, but if not, be sure to tell them that you want at least one to two inches cut off. Doing so will allow the tree to soak up water, which will prevent the tree from drying out.

Finding the Perfect Spot

Now that you have successfully driven with the tree on top of your car, it is time to get it inside and set up on the stand. Unfortunately, we do not have any handy dandy tips for getting it through the door without making a mess, but we can provide you with information that will keep your tree fresh! Generally, everyone has the perfect spot for their Christmas tree already picked out. For many, the Christmas tree goes in the same corner every year. When selecting the best location for your tree, the number one thing to be aware of is air vents. Placing a tree near an air vent that provides heat can dry out your tree very quickly.

Water Immediately

The most time-sensitive step is to put your tree in water as soon as possible. Once you get the tree inside, get it set up on the stand and add water. The tree will soak up a large amount of water within the first 24-48 hours, so it is imperative to check the water level frequently. After the first 24-48 hours have passed, check the water once a day and refill as needed.


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