Summer Care Tips for Azaleas in Fayetteville, NC

Summer Care Tips for Azaleas in Fayetteville, NC As the vibrant blooms of spring fade away, summer brings its own set of challenges and opportunities for maintaining the health and beauty of your azaleas in Fayetteville, NC. These beloved shrubs, known for their stunning flowers and lush foliage, require specific care during the warmer months

The 4 Best Plants for Shade

The 4 Best Plants for Shade Planting for shade can be a frustrating and challenging task. Sometimes it seems that all the bright, vibrant flowers and plants are reserved strictly for full sun! While flowers may not be in abundance with shade plants, the colorful foliage of shade plants is well worth the trade-off! Need

Best Perennials for Shade

Best Perennials for Shade Shade spots in our yard can seem like a challenge to design and landscape. This is a common concern from many homeowners as most think nothing attractive grows in the shade. However, this is a myth! There are so many options when it comes to shade gardens. Continue reading to learn

All About Ferns

All About Ferns Ferns are a great shade-loving plant that are a staple to any shade garden! Additionally, if you have minimal bright light in your home, some ferns make great houseplants! As for all ferns, it is vital to keep them well-watered and in a humid environment. Continue reading to learn all about ferns!