All About Ficus

While many people only know the Fiddle Leaf Fig as a ficus, many more species are included in this broad genus. Eight hundred fifty species, to be exact! Keep reading to learn all about ficus and a few of Jane’s favorite species in this genus!

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Perhaps the most popular ficus of our time, the Fiddle Leaf Fig (FLF), native to Western Africa, thrives in a warm, humid environment. To ensure the FLF thrives in your home, place it where it will receive bright, indirect sun and adequate humidity ranging from 50-65% if possible. Many houseplant collectors use humidifiers to achieve sufficient humidity for this plant.

The Fiddle Leaf Fig can go outdoors, but bring it in when temperatures go 55 degrees below. The FLF tends to drop leaves when it endures temperature and humidity changes. This is why some people consider the FLF “fussy” or “finicky.” Water this plant when the soil is dry 1-2 inches into the root ball. Ensure the plant has drainage, as it does not like to sit in water.

Ficus elastica

The Ficus elastica, or the Rubber Fig or Plant, is a unique ficus tree with large, broad, waxy leaves. The Rubber Plant comes in a couple of different varieties, with variegation and a deep purple leaf. Much like its relative to the FLF, the Rubber Plant prefers bright, indirect sun and adequate humidity. Additionally, this ficus tree does not like “wet feet” and should be watered regularly when the top 1-2 inches of soil is dry.

Ficus benjamina

While the Fiddle Leaf Fig is regarded as the most fussy ficus by most houseplant owners, the Ficus benjamina is perhaps the fussiest of them all! This is because this particular plant does not like to be moved. Even this slightest movement to another location of your home can result in a massive leaf drop! However, don’t let this one trait keep you from owning this ficus. Of all the ficus plants, the Ficus benjamina is the fullest and greenest and dramatically impacts the aesthetics of your home. Like its cousins, the Ficus Benjamina requires bright, indirect light, humidity, and a consistent watering schedule.

Brown Turkey Fig

Perhaps one of our favorite ficus on our list is the Ficus carica, or the Brown Turkey Fig, due in large part to his fruit that ripens in June! This ficus is hardy in zones 5-9, so it can be planted outdoors in Fayetteville, NC. Once established, this plant needs loamy, well-drained soil and full sun.

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