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Perennial Butterfly Garden

Perennial Butterfly Garden Having a beautiful yard is everyone’s goal when planting! However, once you notice that your sanctuary is feeding some of nature’s most beautiful creatures, it becomes clear why gardeners plant specifically for insects and birds! Read on to learn how to build a nectar-rich perennial butterfly garden! Butterfly¬†Bush The Butterfly Bush is

How to Water During the Summer

How to Water During the Summer Watering is the most critical part of planthood, especially during the summer months! It is essential to know how to water, depending on the type of soil used and the type of container in which your plants are potted! Continue reading to learn how to water during the summer!

June Garden Tips

June Garden Tips June is here, and so is the rain, which is promptly accompanied by weeds and garden chores. Follow these June Garden Tips to keep your yard in check! Deadhead! Yes, it is that serious. Deadheading is merely the removal of spent blooms. Deadhead all spring flowers. Removing the dead blooms will promote

Full Sun Perennial Garden

Planting in a full sun location can be tough, especially with the hot summers that we typically¬†experience. Planting a full sun perennial garden doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are some tips to create a flower garden that will combat the hot summer sun! Embrace the Sun As mentioned previously, summers in Fayetteville, NC can

May Garden Tips

Spring is here, and we couldn’t be more excited! With the warmer weather, comes the long to-do list. But don’t fret, this is the gratifying part of gardening and yard work. Once you are done, sit back, relax and enjoy your hard work. Follow these May garden tips to stay on top of your yard

Azalea Maintenance and Care

Azalea Maintenance and Care Azaleas are well known throughout our area, as they make quite an impact in a spring landscape. Azaleas are the essential southern plant for any yard! When the azaleas open, it is officially spring in Fayetteville, NC! Azaleas grow best in partial to full shade locations, with acidic soil. Because of

Top Spring Garden Mistakes

Top Spring Garden Mistakes The beginning of spring always brings a list of mistakes that homeowners make every year. Often times, homeowners feel the warmer temperatures and go full force into planting mode. Jane discusses the top spring garden mistakes that can make your spring gardening a little more difficult. Not Preparing Your Soil Many

April Gardening Tips

April Gardening Tips The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the dogwoods have finally opened! It is Springtime (finally)! You’ve waited all winter for this moment. It is time to get outside and start working in your garden. Use these April gardening tips as a guideline to get started! Test Soil Before you