The Top 3 Winter Blooming Plants

Winter is a tough time of year for your garden and landscape. Your yard is brown and barren, and spring feels so far away. Fortunately, many winter-blooming plants thrive exceptionally well in our Fayetteville, NC growing zone. Continue reading to learn the top 3 winter blooming plants!


Mahonia is a fan favorite for anyone who has s shady yard. This plant comes in many different varieties, each producing a yellow flower. Depending on the variety, mahonias can bloom mid to late winter and early spring. Once they have finished blooming, mahonias produce blueish-green berries from mid-April to May. Mahonia should be planted in full to partial shade and in well-draining soil.

Winter Jasmine

The Winter Jasmine is a true delight to see in the cold days of winter. Often one of the first blooms of winter, this plant blooms from late December to mid-January. While it doesn’t have a scent, its yellow flowers are a sight for sore eyes during winter’s long, cold days. While the Winter Jasmine may look like it climbs, it creeps and scrambles over landscapes and structures. This plant can, however, be tied to a trellis to help it climb.

Daphne odora

A true delight in February, the Winter Daphne is an evergreen shrub that produces sweet-scented flowers. Available in variegated and green varieties, Daphne odora can add a sweet scent to not only your landscape but also beautiful pink or white blooms. Plant this winter-blooming plant in partial shade.


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