The Benefits of Mulching Your Landscape

The Benefits of Mulching Your Landscape As the earth awakens from its winter slumber and bursts forth with new life, it’s time to give your landscape the care and attention it deserves. One of the most beneficial practices you can undertake during the springtime is mulching. Mulch not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your

The Top Early Spring Blooming Plants

The Top Early Spring Blooming Plants As you take a drive around town, the signs of spring are unmistakable – shrubs and trees bursting into bloom! After a long winter, witnessing these early blossoms is a sight to behold, filling us with anticipation for the vibrant season ahead. Here are our picks for the top

Understanding the Difference Between Plant Food and Fertilizer

Understanding the Difference Between Plant Food and Fertilizer As gardeners, we often hear terms like “plant food” and “fertilizer” thrown around interchangeably, but they represent distinct concepts with different purposes and compositions. In this blog, we’ll delve into the nuances between plant food and fertilizer, explore the breakdown of macronutrients in fertilizers, and discuss the

The Top 3 Winter Blooming Plants

The Top 3 Winter Blooming Plants Winter is a tough time of year for your garden and landscape. Your yard is brown and barren, and spring feels so far away. Fortunately, many winter-blooming plants thrive exceptionally well in our Fayetteville, NC growing zone. Continue reading to learn the top 3 winter blooming plants! Mahonia Mahonia

January Gardening Tips

January Gardening Tips As we move into the New Year, it is essential to understand that a new year means a new beginning! You will want to begin 2024 with a fresh start! While you are setting goals and resolutions for your physical fitness, health, and finances, a fresh start should also carry over into

How to Care for Fall Mums

How to Care for Fall Mums Fall is a beautiful time of year in North Carolina. The leaves are beginning to change, the days are becoming cooler, and we get to decorate with pumpkins, hay bales, and mums! But often, customers purchase mums not knowing how to care for them! Continue reading to learn how

Houseplants for Beginners

Houseplants for Beginners When beginning your houseplant collection, it is best to start with houseplants that are easy and simple to take care of. Once you have mastered the art of caring for houseplants, you may move on to more challenging plants, like the Fiddle Leaf Fig. If you are a novice plant parent or

How to Care for Roses

How to Care for Roses Roses are a staple to all gardens; however, they can be very intimidating! While we know that roses can be overwhelming at first, we know that you will enjoy to fruits of your labor once you learn more about their care and maintenance. In this blog post, we will explain

The 4 Best Plants for Shade

The 4 Best Plants for Shade Planting for shade can be a frustrating and challenging task. Sometimes it seems that all the bright, vibrant flowers and plants are reserved strictly for full sun! While flowers may not be in abundance with shade plants, the colorful foliage of shade plants is well worth the trade-off! Need

May Garden Tips

May Garden Tips Spring is here, and we couldn’t be more excited! With the warmer weather comes a long to-do list. But don’t fret; this is the gratifying part of gardening and yard work. Once you are done, sit back, relax, and enjoy your hard work. Follow these May garden tips to stay on top