November Gardening Tips

It is the most wonderful time of the year…almost! Before the Christmas season is upon us, there are some chores to be accomplished outdoors! Continue reading to learn our November gardening tips!

Rake, Rake, Rake, & Rake Some More!

‘Tis the season to rake leaves! While the fall foliage can be beautiful and breathtaking, but the aftermath is quite laborious. Regardless of the amount that you may have to rake, it is imperative to keep your grass free of leaf debris. In our region, the temperatures are still mild, which means lawns and plant material are still growing. Allowing leaf debris to sit on lawns can cause disease, damage, and lawn death. Helpful hint: To save your back, use a leaf blower!

Continue Watering

Don’t let the season fool you. Newly installed plant material may require water as long as the temperatures are still hitting the lower 70s. As long as the temperatures are consistently warm, it is vital to keep the new plants watered in. Allowing a plant to become stressed as it enters winter may impact its survival potential.


If you haven’t already done so, cut back any perennials. Once you have cut them to the ground, add a healthy layer (2-3 inches) of mulch or pine straw. Adding a top dressing will help protect the root systems from potential freeze damage that winter may bring.

Begin a Compost Pile

With all the leaf debris and perennial cuttings, you should have enough organic matter to begin a compost pile. To further expedite the composting process, chop or shred your organic matter. You may also add in some grass clippings. Once the compost pile is completely broken down, you may use the compost in your spring vegetable and flower beds!


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