Fall planting isn’t always just about picking flowers we also need to know about soil amendment. In the Sandhills of Fayetteville North Carolina we have to understand the composition of our soil. We have a very sand soil that often lacks the nutrients little roots need to grow healthy and strong.  In this video we share with you soil amendment options and how to use them with our native soil.

What’s in Soil Amendment?

Soil amendement is a 50/50 mix depending on the needs of the native soils. We use Permatill and Soil Conditioner to help loosen compacted soil. This will allow plant roots to spread and grow. Compacted soil such as clay have the tendency to block the paths for roots to grow. We use Lime to neutralize and acidic soil. Not all plants are happy in soil with a high acidity content.

To add nutrients to you soil consider adding composts. The options for compost are mushroom, cow and chicken and they will all nourish your soil. You may be wondering what is the difference between fertilizer and compost. Fertilizer feeds the plants while compost feeds the soil. Feeding the soil will allow your fertilizers to effectively feed your plants.

A soil amendment is made up of 50 percent native soil mixed with 50 percent amendment. To learn more about composts check out our blog Too Good to Waste: A compost Recipe.   You are always welcome at Green Side Up Garden and Gifts staff is ready to help. Come see is at 3783 Wilmington Highway. Fayetteville, NC 28306.