Fall Planting

Fall Planting with Jane

Listen to Jane, our plant specialist who is loaded with knowledge about fall planting. In this video, she talks about plant selections for the fall. She wants to help you add texture, color, and pop into our fading summer garden. These are some plants you can mix in to offer a variety of your fall gardens Garden Mums, Russian Sage, Happy Return Day Lilies, New Gold Lantana, Plumbago, Dwarf Burning Bush and Ebony Fire Legacy Crepe Myrtles.

Plant Selections

  • Garden Mums tend to be treated as an annual but are perennial. You can add them to flower containers or plant them in the ground, and they will come back next year. Mums are temperamental and need to be watered more than most fall plants.
  • Russian Sage is an asset to your fall garden.  It has excellent drainage and enjoys full sun.  You can plant them in a lightly shaded area. They will thrive in sunny locations.
  • Day Lillies can tolerate a wide variety of soil conditions and bloom throughout the summer. These flowers need very little attention and will multiply every year.
  • Lantana will need frequent watering when you first plant them.  Once established, these plants require little maintenance and can tolerate somewhat dry conditions. A heavy watering once a week will keep your lantana healthy and bloom through the summer.
  • Plumbago is a plant that loves the heat. It will tolerate long and humid summers and is considered a drought tolerant plant. Keep in mind that it thrives the best in a mulched bed.
  • Dwarf Burning Bush will provide a bold crimson color to any landscape or flower bed.  The burning bush can grow in most soil condition. The maintenance care for these guys is low making them an excellent choice for even your newest gardener.
  • Ebony Fire Legacy Crepe Myrtle provides blooms from late summer to mid-fall. Like most freshly planted trees they will need extra watering to get started, as the tree is established maintenance for these is minimal.

Time to Plant

We have shared plant selections outside of mums, pansies, cabbage, and violas with you. Please have fun and experiment with plants for your fall landscape.  We have a wonderful time here at Green Side Up Garden and Gifts and are happy to take your call or assist you in your plant selections this fall.

Stay tuned as we are offering a continuation of this video focusing on soil amendment.