Three Steps Refreshing Outdoor Space

It’s time to refresh our outdoor space with a Fall makeover. Close your eyes and imagine it. I’ll bet you are picturing pumpkins, pansies, cabbage, cornstalks and hay bales.  You’re probably thinking about the smells of pumpkin spice and apple scented candles. The thoughts of new door wreathe,  cozy blankets and assorted coffee or teas dance behind those eyelids.

I bet we also think about falling leaves and raking piles. We want to share with you three steps towards reshaping your outdoor space.

Sun hat, garden gloves, rake, pruners and weed puller

Three Steps to Refreshing Your Outdoor Space

  1. To start, we will remove those falling leaves, sticks and pine cones. Either raking or using a leaf blower we can pile up those leaves on a tarp and dispose of them in yard bags or add them to our home compost bins.  (For more compost information check out our blog Too Good to Waste: A Recipe for Compost.)
  2. It’s time to bring in the big guns. Fire up that lawn mower and weed trimmer a little less often because the grass growth rate is slowing. Turn on that power washer to clean up any residual leftovers from the hot and humid summer temperatures.  As the season cools down and the grass becomes dormant, add a fresh layer of grass seed.
  3. Add in your favorite yard decor and fresh fall flowers and fluff that mulch. The weather is cooling down, and its good to be out in the fresh air. You’ll want to turn your mulch to help prevent fungi growth. Bringing in some late summer to fall bloomer flowers will refresh your space with bold, vibrant colors and textures. Jane here at green side up has a short video about Plant Selections, just click and play to discover flowers outside the traditional fall landscape.

Fall landscapes are just as beautiful as the awakening spring. Take the time to enjoy your outdoor space and see what kind of wildlife you have invited into your space. See us for any of your landscaping needs from tools to plant or just some good old gardening advice. Come on in; we love to have you here.