Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day can cause anxiety for some, as selecting the perfect gift is stressful! However, Jane has you covered. She has hand-picked a few of her favorite plants that make perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day. Instead of buying cut flowers that will die in a few short weeks, buy a live plant that will continue to live on! Continue reading for Jane’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

Create a Mixed Planter

By simply mixing three or four houseplants, one can create a beautiful mixed container that can be kept indoors all year long. To begin, select three houseplants with the same care instructions. Be sure that all of the plants chosen require the same amount of water needs. For example, do not plant a fern and succulents in the same container. Watering would be tricky, as a fern needs more water than a succulent. Next, select an appropriately sized planter. Remember that this is a gift, so be sure to choose a container that is unique! Once you have gathered all of your materials, plant it up! Add some moss or pebbles as a top dressing.

Gift a Unique Plant

The fun part of gift giving is giving something that is unique! When it comes to plants, air plants are unusual due to their minimalist soil requirements. Air plants can thrive without soil and minimal water, which makes them a care-free house plant! Air plants can be placed in a bowl, on a shelf or can hang from the window. Be sure to set the air plant in an area that receives bright, indirect light. Soak the air plant once every two weeks.

Grab & Go Plants

If you are in a rush and aren’t able to pot up a container, Green Side Up has made it easy to select a gift. The Grab & Go section is supplied with houseplants that are already potted up in a decorative container. When purchasing the plant, be sure to ask for care instructions!

Go Big!

If you haven’t heard, the Fiddle Leaf Fig is a must-have for anyone who loves plants! The Fiddle Leaf Fig is a perfect gift for a well-seasoned gardener or houseplant enthusiast, as they are known to be finicky! Pair this plant with a colorful container, and you are ready to go!

Go Vertical!

If the person you are shopping for has minimal space for plants and can only hang plants on their walls, the Wally Ecos are a perfect gift. These can be hung on a wall or fence!


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