Turfgrasses and Care

Turfgrasses and Care

Growing a lawn can be difficult, especially in a warm climate such as Fayetteville, NC. Caring for turfgrasses gets easier when you know which varieties grow best in your zone. In Fayetteville, NC, bermuda, centipede, and zoysia turfgrasses thrive. Continue reading to learn pertinent information about turfgrasses and care.

Turfgrass Varieties

Off the three kinds of grass being discussed, Bermuda grass grows the fastest. Because of its quick growth habits, it can be invasive. This means that the turf may grow into flower beds. Bermuda thrives in the North Carolina heat and is excellent for high traffic areas. This variety makes a great grass where there is a lot of foot traffic!

Although Centipede is a slower growing turfgrass, it tolerates our heat well. This variety of grass has a thicker, coarser blade and is not recommended for high traffic areas.

Zoysia tolerates high traffic areas exceptionally well, much like bermuda. Although it browns in the winter, this variety will begin to green up before centipede and bermuda.

Preparing for Spring

While it is still officially winter, there are some tasks that you mark off your list to get your lawn ready for spring. A soil test is always recommended! You should get your soil tested every three to five years. You may pick up a soil test kit at your local NC Agricultural Extension Office.

We also recommend applying a pre-emergent to your lawn before spring. Applying a pre-emergent will prevent weeds from popping up in your lawn during the spring. You may apply pre-emergent now for bermuda and zoysia lawns. For centipede lawns, wait until the Dogwoods begin to bloom.

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