Lasagna Bulb Planter

In the gardening world, bulbs act as a countdown to spring. First, you see the green shoots sprouting out from the ground, and then a beautiful flower emerges weeks later. Seeing the green of a bulb in the dead of winter is a little reminder that spring will eventually greet us with warmer temperatures and flowers. Planting bulbs in pots is no different than planting them in the ground. Some may agree that the bulbs put on quite the show in containers! Continue reading to learn how to create your very own lasagna bulb planter!

Select the Container

Selecting the appropriate container for this project is very important, as certain bulbs must be planted deeper in the soil. For this project, we recommend using a container that is at least 12-inches across and 12-inches deep. A plastic, ceramic, or terracotta pot will work for this project. Be sure that the container has drainage holes. If not, your bulbs will likely rot!

Create your First Layer

Once you have selected the appropriate container, fill the bottom of the pot with regular potting soil. This first layer of soil should be about 2-3 inches deep. Add your first layer of bulbs. For this first layer, be sure to select bulbs that grow taller than the others. A good bulb for the bottom layer is a tulip! Tulips need to be planted deeper and typically grow taller than other bulbs used.

Create your Second Layer

Just like the previous step, add a layer of soil that is about 2 inches deep. Simply place the next line-up of bulbs on top of the soil. Be sure stagger where you plant the bulbs, as you do not want bulbs on top of one another. When placing the bulbs on the soil, be aware of the top and bottom of the bulb. The bottom of the bulb should be distinguishable by small roots. Place the roots side towards the soil layer. Repeat these steps until you have created multiple layers of bulbs.

Top-dress with Soil

Finally, top-dress the container with 1 to 2 inches of soil. When complete, water in the container. The lasagna bulb planter can be placed outside. As long as the bulbs are cared for throughout the year, you can enjoy the bulbs for years to come!


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