Top Spring Garden Mistakes

Top Spring Garden Mistakes

The beginning of spring always brings a list of mistakes that homeowners make every year. Often times, homeowners feel the warmer temperatures and go full force into planting mode. Jane discusses the top spring garden mistakes that can make your spring gardening a little more difficult.

Not Preparing Your Soil

Many people will go start into planting, without any preparation of their soil. It is important to have your soil tested every couple of years so that you know what the soil is lacking. After you receive your results, you can then add the appropriate amendments to your soil. Adding compost is almost always a must to any landscape or garden bed!

Removing Mulch too Soon

While a top-dressing of mulch looks nice, it also serves another purpose. The mulch insulates the roots of plants and keeps them protected from freezing temperatures. Removing your mulch too soon, especially if there is a freeze still in the future, can have detrimental effects on certain plants.

Planting When the Soil is too Wet

Most plants cannot live in wet soil. Keep this in mind when planting! If water is dripping from your hands as you pick up the soil, the plants will not thrive in this location. You may have to wait for the soil to dry out or plant elsewhere.

Having Too Much Enthusiasm

We welcome enthusiasm in all aspects of life — especially gardening! However, slow and steady wins the race! Make sure you are planting a manageable garden. Remember, you will have to care for the plants that are planted!

Planting Invasive Species

Do your research! Is the vine that you just planted going to take over your entire yard? Be sure to do research on everything that you plant!

Planting When it is Too Cold

In Fayetteville, NC we always tell our customers that April 15th is the cut off for freezes. Historically, we don’t have freezes or cold temperatures after this date.


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