Selecting Pottery

Selecting pottery can be a tedious task, especially when it comes to all of the color choices, sizes, glazed or terracotta! The list goes on. Jane tackles these concerns and streamlines the process, focusing on the important aspects of selecting the appropriate pottery!


Drainage holes are very important! It is very common for homeowners to select pots without drainage holes, especially for the wrong plants. Drainage holes allow the water to drain out of the root. If there is not a drainage hole in your pot and you over water, they plant may rot. Pots that do not have drainage holes do serve a purpose! These pots can be used indoors, such as on a desk or coffee table. Typically, when watering, you remove the plant.

Potting Mix

It is important to select the appropriate potting mix for potted plants. Any soil amendment that reads “soil” or “mix” is appropriate for plants in pots. Do not use topsoil for this purpose. Soils such as topsoil are too dense and will become compacted. Compaction will not allow the roots to grow outward. In addition to the compacting soil, water will not run through as well.

Selecting the Appropriate Size Pot

When selecting pottery for a plant, be sure that the size is just one size up, or one to two inches larger than the pot that it is coming out of. You want there to be some room to spare. You don’t want to put a small plant into a huge pot. Doing so will rot the plant!


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