Top 3 Reasons to Mulch in the Winter

Top 3 Reasons to Mulch in the Winter

Did you know there’s more to mulching than just for looks? While many people only mulch their landscape beds for aesthetic purposes, there are many functional reasons why you should mulch — especially in the winter! Continue reading to learn our top 3 reasons to mulch in the winter.

Insulates the roots

That’s right. Mulch acts as a nice blanket for the roots of your plants. While the top of the plant may get damaged from cold, the root system will be protected from the coldest weather that we may experience in Fayetteville, NC. Installing 2-3 inches of hardwood mulch aids in regulating the soil temperature, which can provide better outcomes for your landscape.

Adds structure and nutrients to the soil

Believe it or not, mulch can actually help your soil, too. Since it is organic matter, it will break down, thus providing nutrients. Additionally, it provides structure and rigidity to your plant and its root ball. The mulch still allows water to drain, which allows the root system to continue to grow and mature.

Weed Control

While it is not weed-proof, mulch can help prevent weeds from popping up in your garden. More specifically, the late winter and early spring weeds. Let’s face it, no one wants to be weeding in the middle of winter.


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