All About Christmas Cactus

Chances are, you received or purchased a Christmas Cactus this holiday season. While many holiday plants don’t make it past New Year’s Day, this is a houseplant you can enjoy all year. Continue reading to learn all about Christmas Cactus.

A Three Season Plant

But Jane, you just said I could enjoy this holiday plant all year! Yes, that is correct; however, if you want to place this plant outside, you will need to monitor the temperature. Like most houseplants, this tropical plant cannot tolerate temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The optional temperature for these houseplants is 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit. So the trick is to keep it outdoors as long as you can bring it inside when the temperatures begin to drop.


Christmas Cactus should be watered during the growing season every 7-14 days. It is essential to water them thoroughly, allowing the water to run out of the bottom of the pot. To ensure you’re not damaging the branches, water beneath the foliage at the soil line. You can also place the pot in water and allow the water to be soaked up through the roots.

Light Requirements

If you choose to place your Christmas Cactus outside during the growing season, do not place it in full, direct sun. The leaves will burn. It should be placed in bright, indirect light. Be sure to rotate the plant about once a week to ensure equal light distribution.

Can you deadhead a Christmas Cactus?

This plant is no different when it comes to deadheading. Like all other flowering plants, deadheading helps promote new buds, thus promoting new flowers! Gently pinch off the old bloom, being mindful of any existing blooms next to it.


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