Summer Flower Care

It is that time of year when your flowers begin to look tired. It is hot, and your flowers aren’t as happy as they once were. While the growing season is almost over, you can still revive your flowers to give them extra life. Continue reading to learn about summer flower care.

Deadheading Spent Flowers

Deadheading is the act of removing dead or spent flowers from the plant. It is easy to do with your bare hands or pruners. Removing dead flowers from the plant can force your annuals and perennials to produce more blooms!

Use Fertilizer

One more good fertilizer application can go a long way in August. This application will give your annuals and perennials one last boost needed to produce a couple more rounds of flowers. When applying fertilizer, be sure to water the fertilizer into the rootball after the application.

Proper Watering

While this last tip may go unnoticed, many people forget to water! Or, they don’t think their flowers need water after the 10-minute summer rain. When plants don’t receive enough water, they begin to appear stressed. Stressed annuals and perennials stop producing flowers! Be sure the give your flowers proper water!


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