Houseplants for Beginners

When beginning your houseplant collection, it is best to start with houseplants that are easy and simple to take care of. Once you have mastered the art of caring for houseplants, you may move on to more challenging plants, like the Fiddle Leaf Fig. If you are a novice plant parent or want green in your home without the hassle, continue reading to learn Jane’s recommendations for houseplants for beginners!


The Pothos is considered one of the easiest houseplants to care for! They come in many varieties, which allows you to have an extensive collection with a lot of variegation! The Pothos is a trailing plant that works well on a shelf, bookcase, or hanging. This houseplant loves bright light but can adapt to low-light conditions. When it comes to watering, these houseplants need moderate water or a good watering once a week.

Spider Plant

The spider is another houseplant that is super easy to grow. Much like the Pothos, it should be watered once a week but requires bright, indirect sun. The spider plant also produces “babies,” which can be propagated to create a new spider plant! Another bonus, this plant is also pet safe!

Snake Plant

The Snake Plant is an excellent addition to your houseplant collection if you are more of a hands-off plant parent. The Snake Plant is considered a low-maintenance houseplant that requires very little attention. Adapting well to low light conditions, this plant is perfect for a house with minimal bright, natural light. Water when the plant is dry to touch and light in its bucket.

ZZ Plant

The ZZ Plant is another excellent choice for a beginner plant parent! The ZZ Plant requires minimal water, can adapt to low-light conditions, and is available in dark green and very dark purple. The striking glossy leaves can elevate your decor throughout your house.


The Tradescantia is another cascading plant perfect in a hanging basket or on a shelf or bookcase. This plant does well in bright, indirect light and requires water once a week. The purple, white, and green variegation is striking in any decor.

Lucky Bamboo

The Lucky Bamboo may or may not bring you good luck, but it is easy to grow! All you have to do is stick it in water and monitor the water level. This lucky houseplant needs bright, indirect light and flourishes on a kitchen windowsill.

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