How to Install Sod

Do you want a lawn but don’t know how to install sod? Who doesn’t want a lush, carpet-like lawn in their yard? Feeling the blades of grass underneath your feet is a feeling that will bring you back to childhood. So, who says you can’t experience that feeling again? Here’s how to install sod yourself for those DIY homeowners out there!

Do Some Research

It is essential to know how much sunlight your yard receives. It will likely be a full sun area, but if it is a shaded area, you will want to select the appropriate sod. Once you know the amount of sunlight, you can measure for the sod. Centipede and Bermuda sod do well in Fayetteville, NC, and love the full, hot sun. St. Augustine Sod is an excellent option for a shady spot.


Measure out the area you will be sodding and calculate the amount of sod you will need. Sod generally comes on a pallet containing 450 square feet of rolls or pieces. Always round up when making your calculations. You will need some wiggle room. Be sure to call your local sod farm for more information on how much sod comes on a pallet and whether it can be delivered.

Till and Add Compost

The next step is the most crucial. It is essential to till up the land to prepare for the sod. When preparing the ground, you will want to add in (at a minimum) topsoil. Mixing compost with your topsoil is always wise, especially with sandy soil! Adding compost to your soil will give the sod the best chance to thrive and create a carpet-like lawn.

Level Land and Spray Down Soil

Once topsoil and compost have been added to the soil, level out the land with a rake, eliminate uneven surfaces and clumps, and remove twigs or rocks. Spray down the ground to add some moisture. Doing so will help the soil retain moisture.

Lay the Sod

Now it is time to shine! Begin with straight edges, such as beds and walkways. Next, unroll or lay the sod, staggering the seams. In other words, you do not want to have four corners touching. Finally, make sure the seams are tight! You want the sod rolls to appear seamless.

Tamp or Roll, then Water

For this step, you may have to rent a sod roller or buy a tamper. Both tools will provide the same effect. The goal is to remove air bubbles and space between the soil and sod. This will promote root growth immediately. Be sure to finish off your job with a good soak! Depending on the time of year, you may have to water nightly or every other day.


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