September Garden Tips

Labor Day Weekend is the official end of summer. For some, this is a sad time, which involves leaving behind weekends at the beach full of the ocean, sun, and cookouts. And for others, Labor Day indicates that cooler temperatures, pumpkins, and fall plantings are right around the corner! If you are saddened by the end of summer, pick your head up and put your energy elsewhere! Roll up those sleeves and jump headfirst into your yard (well, not literally) with these September garden tips!

Prepare for Fall Plantings

Fall is for planting in North Carolina, so it is time to prepare your landscape beds for new plant material! Last month, we recommended that you create a landscape design. Now is the time to do demo work, mix in compost, gather tools and necessary supplies (landscape edging, fabric, pavers, etc.), and prepare the landscape beds! Tackling demo work in small chunks will make the task more manageable. Once you have completed the pre-plant labor, buy the plant material and get to planting. Be sure to water any new plants. It may also be necessary to water several times a week, depending on temperatures and rainfall amounts.

Prepare Houseplants to Come Indoors

Many tropicals and houseplants cannot handle the fall and winter months. Most tropicals can only handle temperatures above 50-55 degrees. September is an excellent month to prepare your houseplants to come indoors. It is essential to inspect all houseplants that are currently outside for pests. If you notice any signs of pests, it is critical to rectify this problem immediately. We recommend using organic insecticide. For all houseplants, even the ones not showing signs of infestation, be sure to use a systemic granule insecticide. Depending on the brand, the systemic will protect your plants for several months.

In addition to pest inspection, be sure to fertilize your houseplants one last time. Once the growing season is over, feeding your houseplants won’t be necessary, as they will not need the extra food. If you need to re-pot any houseplants before you bring them indoors, now is a good time.


September is a good month to begin transplanting evergreen trees and shrubs. When transplanting, be sure to amend the soil. We recommend using Black Kow Cow Manure. Be sure to water in the plants thoroughly. Depending on the temperatures and rainfall amounts, it may be necessary to water several times a week.


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