Garden Tips

  • 02 June 2017

Summer is finally here which means it’s time to really get out and create your blooming, luscious garden and yard.

First things first, protect yourself while you are outside. Not only should you lather up in sunscreen, but watch out for mosquitoes. Make sure you do not have excessive standing water around you, in pots, buckets, or in gardening equipment (i.e wheelbarrows) Standing water attracts mosquitoes just as much as the hot summer sun does, so do yourself a favor and eliminate anything that will cause a draw in.

June is the time of growth and uncapped potential for your yard, so give your shrubs and plants a chance to grow by trimming off any dead growth. Take out any weak, damaged, or diseased leaves, flowers, or branches to help produce healthy growth. Cutting back death gives your plants and shrubs the chance to really blossom during the best growing season.

Just like your plants and shrubs need a fresh cut, so does your lawn. During June you will see that your lawn will grow to be lush as long as you treat it well. This includes regular mowing, monitoring weeds and insects, and of course watering regularly.

Watering on a consistent basis is crucial this time of year. The weather is pumping up to high heats and just like you need water to thrive, so do your plants and lawn. Also, pay close attention to your hanging plants. Heat rises and causes your baskets to dry out much quicker than usual, so that an extra minute to really moisten up your hanging baskets so that the soil can stay hydrated throughout the long hours of sunlight and heat damage.

One of the best June tips that we can supply though is to enjoy the summer! Create your backyard/front yard oasis so that you and your friends and family can enjoy the outside all summer long!