Azalea Maintenance and Care

Azalea Maintenance and Care

Azaleas are well known throughout our area, as they make quite an impact in a spring landscape. Azaleas are the essential southern plant for any yard! When the azaleas open, it is officially spring in Fayetteville, NC! Azaleas grow best in partial to full shade locations, with acidic soil. Because of their light requirements, azaleas are often found in areas with filtered light. To learn more about azaleas, join Jane, as she walks you through azalea maintenance and care!

Different Varieties

Azaleas come in different sizes and varieties. Depending on where you are planting the shrub, your height requirements may differ. When selecting azaleas for your yard, it is essential to know the height range for the specific area where the azalea is to be planted. For example,  if you only have three feet to work with, you don’t want to select an azalea that grows to be five feet tall!

If you want your azalea to bloom more than once, select a reblooming azalea, or an azalea that blooms several times throughout the year. At Green Side Up, one can find the Encore Azalea, which is an azalea that will bloom from spring to the first hard freeze.

Soil and Fertilizer

Azaleas thrive in an acidic soil, which is one of the reasons why they work well under a pine tree canopy. It is important to get your soil tested if you do not know the pH of your soil. If your soil test comes back with a high pH, or too alkaline, we recommend using soil sulfur, as it will amend the soil’s pH to a more suitable level for azaleas.

It is also important to feed your azaleas to ensure proper growth, health, and blooms! For basic nutrition, we recommend Espoma Azalea-tone. Azalea-tone is a fertilizer created specifically for the needs of an azalea. This fertilizer can also be used on other acid-loving plants, such as camellias, dogwoods, and blueberries.

Trimming & Pruning

It is important to prune or trim azaleas immediately after they have finished blooming. Look for shriveled up, discolored flowers to be sure that blooming is complete. Your azalea may need a small trim or a large prune, depending on what you want to accomplish. A trim, as shown by Jane, will quickly clean and refresh your azalea. It will also maintain the desired dimensions your azalea.

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