Pothos Care Tips

Pothos Care Tips

A classic houseplant, the Pothos is easy to care for and can be grown in almost any home! The Pothos adds liveliness to any space. Continue reading to learn more about pothos and pothos care tips!

Different Varieties

Pothos come in many different varieties, which is why houseplant hobbyists love them so! Green Side Up carries several different pothos. The Golden Pothos has green leaves with gold variegation. The gold variegation breaks up the sometimes monotonous green of many houseplants. The Neon pothos has a wow-factor with its standout neon yellow color. The Pearls and Jade Pothos is a white and green variegated pothos with smaller leaves. There are many more varieties of pothos available to add to your collection!

Care Tips

While pothos typically thrive in bright, indirect sun, they can be grown in a low-light environment. Be mindful that a plant that is receiving bright indirect sun will grow at a faster rate than the plant receiving low light!

Watering these plants is not rocket science. The general rule is to water when dry. You can stick your finger into the pot to feel for dampness. If your finger comes out with wet soil on it, there is no need to water. If your find comes out dry, it is time to water. You can also tell if the pothos needs water by lifting the pot. A lighter pot may indicate that a good watering is needed.

A great way to water pothos is to water from underneath. To explain further, one would fill a saucer or bowl with water and place the pot into the saucer. The plant’s roots will soak up the water that is needed. This will also minimize the risk for stem rot.

It is preferred to keep your houseplants on the drier side rather than the wetter side. Overwatering plants can be far more problematic than underwatering.


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