Christmas Gift Ideas at Green Side Up

Christmas Gift Ideas at Green Side Up

Christmas shopping can be hard! Finding the right gift for that special person can take a toll on your sanity! Jane is here to help take some of the workload off your shoulders. Continue reading to learn Jane’s Christmas Gift Ideas at Green Side Up!


Gnomes are mythical creatures who are best known for being mysterious garden creatures. They can also play tricks on people or can be helpful in the garden. At Green Side Up, one can find many gnomes in the gift store.


Christmas is a season of light and hope. For many, lights help lead the way through dark times. Gifting a loved one with a Christmas night light, snow globe, or lantern can symbolize so much! Spread the light and warmth with a decorative Christmas light.

Local Soaps

We all love soaps and lotions! And even more so, we love local products! Greenwich Bay Trading Company soaps are a great gift for your loved ones who loves buying local! Added bonus: the line smells incredible!

Flags and Mats

We have the gift for the person who loves to match – matching flag and doormat sets! At Green Side Up, we carry multiple lines on flags and doormats that coordinate. Helpful hint: If you want the person to be able to use the set longer, buy a winter-themed set, instead of strictly Christmas!


Windchimes are a classic gift that are sure to wow the recipient! Available in many different sizes, windchimes have a lasting impact on a person’s outdoor space. At Green Side Up, we carry multiple lines, one of which is made in the USA! Corinthian Bells is a leading chime manufacturer, which specializes in hand-tuned windchimes! You can hear the difference!

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