Post-Hurricane To-Do List

Well, another hurricane has come and gone, leaving damage to parts of North Carolina. First off, our thoughts and prayers are with all of those who were affected by the storm. If you were fortunate to have only suffered minor damages, here is a Post-Hurricane To-Do List to help you get started on the cleanup.

Inspect Drainage Problems

While it was raining, you were probably able to locate the drainage trouble spots in your yard and patio areas. Now is the time to act and rectify any drainage issues that you may have. Unfortunately, we are still in hurricane season, and it is best to have drainage issues fixed sooner rather than later.

Prune and Remove Damaged Branches

More than likely, you experienced some downed limbs and broken branches. It is best to prune off the damaged or broken branches now. A damaged branch will rot and potentially cause a healthy portion of the tree to become diseased. Remember, before touching any branches, be sure that there are no downed power lines in or around the limbs!

Rake Leaves and Twigs

Continue the cleanup process by raking and blowing the leaf debris and twigs into a pile. If you are in the city and have yard waste pick up, place the yard debris in the specified location. Remember to separate the yard waste from construction debris. It is also vital to rake all leaf debris away from trunks of trees and away from shrubs, as excess organic matter can break down and cause disease!

Clean Gutters & Spray Off House

After the extensive winds, you will need to clean your gutters if you have trees nearby. When utilizing the ladder, be sure that the ladder is booted, at the proper angle and that you have a spotter in place. If you have siding on your home, you may have leaf debris all over the side of the house. Be sure to spray the house and consider pressure washing at this time!

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