Mixed Planters: Fill, Spill, and Thrill

Mixed Planters: Fill, Spill, and Thrill

Creating the best mixed container for summer is just a read away! Believe it or not, there is a system for creating an awe-inspiring planter. When creating your mixed planter remember these three words, Fill, Spill, and Thrill! Follow these simple guidelines to create the prettiest mixed planter:

Location of Mixed Planter

The location of the mixed container is essential! If you want the mixed planter to be in full sun, you must select the appropriate plants for full sun. If you plan on placing the mixed planter in full shade and plant full sun plants, you will be woefully disappointed when your plants do not flower! Be sure to select the right plants for your location! Location, location, location!


This is the easiest plant for which to shop! While this plant’s primary job will be to fill space in the container, it should still possess some color and texture! When selecting a filler plant, shop for a plant that will spread. Some of our favorite fillers are petunias, lantana, vinca, coleus, Dusty Miller, and begonias!


While you would think that the Thriller would be the most fun to select due to its name, the spiller is what adds depth and dimension to the planter! This is where you can have some fun and get a bit edgy! There are so many options for spillers. The primary goal when selecting a spiller to find a plant that has a creeping growth habit AND contrasts nicely with the filler and thriller plants! At Green Side Up, we love to use Creeping Jenny, Licorice Plant, alyssum, lobelia, and calibrachoa, just to name a few!


We’ve built up to this step, and it is the main event! The thriller should add height and a “wow” factor to the planter! When selecting this plant, be sure to stay within the light and watering needs of the other plants that you have already chosen. We enjoy using elephant ears, caladiums, grasses, palms, and banana plants.


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