Full Sun Plants

  • 11 September 2021

Full Sun Plants

Planting for full sun areas can be difficult in our area due to the hot, scorching summers that we endure. When planting fo these areas, it is important to select plants that can handle to hot sun for most of the day. Continue reading to learn some of Jane’s favorite full sun plants.


Calibrachoa is a common full sun annual that works in any yard or container. Its versatility is what makes it so easy to work with. This annual thrives in full sun and drought-like conditions often seen throughout North Carolina during the summer months. Calibrachoa can be used in landscape beds, hanging baskets, and containers. Be sure to add this to your full sun shopping list!


Dianthus is an excellent perennial ground cover that loves to soak up the sun. With several varieties available, the color options are endless. From red to pink to white, this perennial will go well in any flowerpot or garden. Dianthus is most often used as a groundcover as it spreads outwards instead of growing up.


Salvia is another perennial plant that thrives in full sun condition. This perennial, also available in many colors, grows upward, making it a great addition to a garden bed or flower pot.

Ice Plants

Ice plants are the plant of steel! This perennial is a tough plant that can withstand the hot summer sun and even cold winter temperatures. While this plant does die back in the winter months, it will come back year after year. Ice plants are low-growing perennials that work well as ground covers.


Lantana can be found as both perennials and annuals. Depending on your desired use, be sure to ask an associate which ones are perennials and annuals. Lantanas are known for their drought-tolerant and heat-tolerant qualities. Stretching both out and up, these plants produce beautiful blooms that are available in many colors.

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