Top Perennial Groundcovers

Groundcovers are a trend that will always be in! Groundcovers are not only used to prevent erosion, but they can also be used to increase depth and texture. In some cases, groundcovers can replace mulch and pine straw!  Take a look at some of the top perennial groundcovers that will go a long way!

Coral Reef Sedum

Coral Reef sedum is the king of all sedums for many reasons. Coral Reef Sedum spreads to be 12 inches and grows very well in dry to medium environments. While growing well in full sun, this groundcover still puts on a show in partial shade! Coral Reef also provides year-round interest, changing from green in the summer to coppery-bronze in the fall and winter. Instead of dull, brown mulch, plant this sedum to add texture and to naturalize your landscape!


Creeping Jenny

If your wish is to add a pop of color to your garden or landscape, then Creeping Jenny is the groundcover for you! The same says it all, as this groundcover creeps (spreads) 12 to 18 inches. One plant can go a long way. As a perennial, Creeping Jenny will come back year after year!


Angelina Stonecrop Sedum

Another colorful option, Angelina Stonecrop Sedum, provides a unique texture to any garden. Growing two to three feet, this groundcover will provide year-round interest and coverage! Angelina Stonecrop Sedum can also be used in container plants, borders, and rock gardens! This sedum has a natural trailing growth habit. Imagine this sedum spilling over a container or retaining wall!


If you need a shade-loving groundcover, Ajuga is the winner! This perennial groundcover grows exceptionally well in a shade garden and can also take full sun, but will not grow as rapidly. Ajuga is another perennial groundcover that goes a long way. One plant can spread 6-18 inches! Talk about getting the most bang for your buck! On top of the vigorous growth habits, Ajuga also produces flowers that can range from blue to purple depending on the variety of Ajuga.


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