Miniature Fairy Garden

  • 26 January 2018

How to Create a Miniature Fairy Garden

Taking the gardening world by storm, miniature fairy gardens have proven to be a trend that is here to stay! It is no wonder that these miniature gardens have become so popular! There is something magical about creating a miniature garden and adding your own theme and story to it. Many fairy garden enthusiasts have designed their gardens to tell a story, almost like a storybook. Gardens even change with the season, as some contain Christmas lights! To achieve the miniature fairy garden of your dreams, follow these steps:

Select the pot of your choice

When selecting your container, make sure there will be enough surface area to create the fairy garden that you want. In other words, the width of the pot should be wide enough to fit three miniature plants and fairy garden accessories.

Gather the appropriate plants for the location of the garden

This is key! If you plan on keeping your plant outside in full sun, year round, the plants that you select must be cold hardy (rated for your growing zone) AND should be able to take full sun. If you want to keep your garden indoors, as a houseplant, decide what kind of light it will get. If you only have low-light conditions in your home, you should use low-light plants. If you have bright light in your home, you should use high-light plants.

Another key point when selecting plants is to choose plants that have the same watering needs. In other words, you would NOT plant succulents in the same container as ferns. Succulents like less water, while ferns NEED water almost every day, depending on the environment.

Plant accordingly!

Choose your theme

Now that you have your container and plants picked out, begin creating your story! Pick out a fairy house, stairs, a garden bench, or even a koi fish pond! The sky is the limit because it is your fairy garden! Be sure that you will have enough room for the fairy accessories that you have selected.

Fill the pot with soil

When selecting soil, use soil that will work best with the plants that you have selected. Since you have already chosen plants that have the same watering needs, selecting a soil should be easy. For example, if you are using succulents in your fairy garden, we recommend a cactus and succulent soil mix.

Create a rough draft

Most of the hard work is done and you are almost ready to plant, plant, plant! But first, create a rough draft or simply, have a dress rehearsal. Put the plants on top of the soil in the position that you would like to plant them. You can also do this with any fairy houses and accessories that you have chosen. This serves as a dry run. Doing this will help you fill any holes or, if necessary, reduce plants or accessories.

Time to plant!

Plant those plants! Remove the plants from the buckets or containers and use your hand to create a hole. Remember not to place the plant too far into the soil. Soil should cover the top of the root ball, but no leaves should be covered. Once the plants are installed and are there to stay, give the garden a good watering. Again, water to the needs of the plants.

Create your story

The plants have been installed and now it is time to write your story. Insert your house and fairies to create a magical garden!

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