Ferns as Houseplants


Using Ferns as Houseplants

Ferns are the perfect plant to decorate with inside your home. They add a lush, green vibe to liven up any space. The added bonus for these ferns is that you can keep them in your home during the winter months and then move them outdoors once the temperatures are warm enough! Follow Roy, as he takes a walk through our greenhouse and talks about ferns as houseplants and other plants that we carry inside our greenhouse!

Kimberly Queen Fern

This fern displays a more compact growth habit than other ferns and is easy to care for, whether inside or outside! A bonus for this fern is that it is cleaner than other ferns, meaning it doesn’t drop as many fronds. The Kimberly Queen Fern has sword-like fronds that are long and extend well over the side and below the pot. In caring for this fern, find a spot that gets bright, indirect sun. In some parts of the country, this fern can handle full sun. However, we have noticed that full, direct sun, especially in the middle of a North Carolina summer, can take a toll on ferns. Remember to bring this fern inside if the temperature drops below 55 degrees!

Asparagus Fern

The Asparagus Fern is a unique fern, as it isn’t a fern at all! This plant is actually in the lily family. The name comes from the appearance of new growth resembling asparagus spears. This plant can grow to be about 2 to 4 feet in width and height if placed in the proper location! Much like the Kimberly Queen Fern, the Asparagus fern thrives in bright, indirect light. If it is placed in an area with too little light, the fronds will turn yellow. Bring this plant in if the temperature drops below 50 degrees!

Macho Fern

The Macho Fern is a crowd-pleaser, due to its large, brawny fronds that are bright green! When compared with other ferns, the Macho Fern truly lives up to its name! It is huge in comparison. If you want to fill a space, this is the fern for you! The Macho Fern can grow indoors in low, medium, or bright light. If placed in bright light,  be sure to protect this fern from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight may result in burnt fronds. Much like the ferns already mentioned, you will want to take this fern indoors if the temperature drops below 55 degrees.

Australian Tree Fern

Yes, this is fern is a tree! It grows like a tree in regards to it having a trunk, with the fronds growing out of the top. This is the largest of all the ferns we carry, as it can grow 40 feet tall in the proper location. It thrives with filtered to partial sun. It is rated for zones 10 – 11, so be sure to bring this fern in when the temperature drops below 55 degrees.

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