Fayetteville, NC Growing Zone

What Are Growing Zones?

When shopping for plants, one may notice that there are zone ranges on the plant tags. These ranges, which are called growing zones, represent the zones in which the plant will thrive. Each locale has an associated growing zone. Any plant that is not within the growing zone may perish when planted outside.  Read on to learn about the Fayetteville, NC Growing Zone.

There are a total of 11 growing zones in the United States, with zone 1 in Alaska and zone 11 in Puerto Rico. A  frigid, tundra-like environment is categorized as a zone 1 climate, whereas zone 11 is associated with a hot, tropical climate. Some plants will have a range of zones in which it will grow. For instance, Green Side Up grows the purple coneflower. Zones 4-9 are the appropriate growing conditions for the purple coneflower to grow. This perennial will thrive in parts of Minnesota all the way down to parts of Florida.

Fayetteville’s Growing Zone

Fayetteville, North Carolina is typically in zone 8a, certain parts of the city that may experience zone 7b conditions. We recommended planting for the zone in which you are located. Planting for the right zone will guarantee the best survival rate for your landscape.

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