Making New Year’s Resolutions

With a new year quickly approaching, New Year’s resolutions have been on everyone’s minds. Many people are beginning to think about the new year and what it may bring. What habits should I break, and what goals should I try to achieve in 2022? It may seem overwhelming when thinking about actually achieving resolutions because, more often than not, we tend to not follow through with our goals.  While we know that this blog post is not about plants, we see the importance of making New Year’s resolutions and hope to help you stick to yours. Continue reading to learn how to make New Year’s resolutions and how to make them stick!


We all want to change things or achieve specific goals in a new year. Thinking of all of these things can become overwhelming. The best way to start with resolutions is to brainstorm. Think of goals that you have had for quite some time and think about what steps you must take to achieve them.

Start Small

Once you have brainstormed some ideas, take your most realistic goal, and dissect it. For example, if you decided that you want to lose 30 pounds in 2022, break that number down to 10 pounds. Start small with your goal. All too often, we start too big with resolutions, which is why we don’t achieve them. If you begin small, you can slowly chip away at the goal, making it more obtainable. Want to clean up your entire yard in 2022? That’s a great goal but start with the backyard first. Tackle that goal, then move on.

Write It Down

Once you have dissected your goal, write it down. It has been proven that when we write down goals, we tend to achieve these goals. Write it down several times!

Make It Public

Announce your resolution to your family members and friends. Accountability is essential when achieving goals, and it can sometimes take an army. If you enlist the help of your friends and family, they can help you with your progress.

Make It Visible

Post your goal on your fridge or your mirror. Make it visible every day so that you can be aware and reminded of your goal!


We hope that these steps help you in making and sticking to your New Year’s resolutions, whether it is losing weight or cleaning up the yard. For more updates, visit our Facebook page! 

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