Landscaping with Berries

The goal when developing a landscape design is to have different plants flowering, providing fall color, or producing berries at any given time. This is called year-round interest. Often, many gardeners only plant for flowers and forget berries altogether. If properly researched and planned, one can make sure their yard stays alive year-round by using the perfect berry-producing shrubs! Landscaping with berries in mind is a surefire way to achieve year-round interest with year-long color and vibrancy!


Pyracantha, which is known for its abundance of red berries and fiery thorns (pyra), is a perfect option if you need to fill a small space of an exterior wall. Often grown and sold with an existing trellis, Pyracanthas can be trained to climb brick walls and fences. When planting this plant, be mindful of the thorns, as they can make your skin burn!


Beautyberry, also known as Callicarpa, produces vibrantly purple berries that grow tightly to the stem. Unlike any other berries around, beautyberries are planted exclusively for the berries that they produce. Beautyberries produce bright green leaves, which pair nicely with the purple berries. Be sure to plant the beautyberry where it can easily be seen and admired.

Weeping Yaupon Holly

Weeping Yaupon Hollies are the best tree for the avid bird watcher. Because of the food source and the number of berries it produces, many birds frequent this tree. For example, mockingbirds are known to build nests within the Weeping Yaupon Holly. In addition to the berries and birds, the Weeping Yaupon Holly has a natural weeping growth habit. The berries and weeping growth habit of the Weeping Yaupon make for a unique tree.


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