Norfolk Island Pine Care

The Norfolk Island Pine is native to the South Pacific and can grow to be 100 feet tall by 60 feet wide. But, don’t worry, if you have this plant in your home, it will not grow to be that tall! Typically Norfolk Island Pines will grow 3 – 8 feet tall when grown indoors. Continue reading to learn all about Norfolk Island Pine Care!


When in their natural states, Norfolk Islands Pines grow in full, direct sun. When you bring this plant indoors to be grown in your home, remember from where this tree originates! For this plant to thrive as a houseplant, it will need bright, indirect sun.


The Norfolk Island Pine is considered a medium moisture plant. In other words, it does not like to go too long without water but does not like to sit in water. It is best to water this plant when the soil is dry about 1-2 inches below the soil line. Depending on the size of the pot, you can also place the pot in the sink full of water and allow the roots to soak up when they need.

Indoors and Outdoors?

The Norfolk Island Pine can be grown outdoors during the summer in most growing zones; however, once the temperature drops below 50 degrees, this tropical plant should be brought indoors. Since it is a native plant to the South Pacific, it does not tolerate cooler temperatures.


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