Preparing Houseplants for Winter

If you are like most houseplant owners, you probably moved your houseplants outdoors during the growing season to allow them to soak up more sun and moisture. Your plants have flourished and given you so much new growth, but now it is time to bring them indoors for the winter. Continue reading to learn the steps in preparing houseplants for winter!

Remove All Debris

The first step in preparing your houseplants for winter is to remove all debris that may have accumulated on the plant and in the pot. This includes removing dead leaves from the plant. If debris is left in the pot and around the plant, it can break down and invite unwanted guests to attack your plant. In short, debris makes your plant more susceptible to pests!

Check For Pests

Speaking of pests, be sure to inspect all plants for insects. Look underneath each leaf and at the soil line. Many pests hide in the nooks and crannies of the plant. Be on the lookout for mealybugs, aphids, scale, and whiteflies. Catching any pests now can save you and your plants many headaches down the road.

Repot If Necessary

Typically, you want to repot during the growing season; however, if you notice any of your plants becoming rootbound, it is a good idea to repot these plants now. To check if a plant is rootbound, squeeze around the pot to see if you feel a clustering of roots. You can also remove the pot altogether to check the growth of the roots. If you see roots growing in a circle, it is time to repot.

Treat and Prevent

If you found pests on your plants, be sure to treat the plant before bringing it indoors. You can treat most pests with insecticidal soap or oil. First, spray the entire plant while it is still outside. Be sure to spray underneath each leaf and at the soil line. Next, you want to prevent future infestations. Using a systemic insecticide will help prevent future outbreaks. Systemic insecticides are absorbed through the roots and distributed throughout the entire plant.


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