August Garden Tips

Unlike the past couple of months, August isn’t a chore-heavy month. August is more of a water and repeat month, with a couple of to-dos dabbled in the middle. To stay on top of things, you still have some tasks to mark off of your list. Continue reading for the August Garden Tips:

Create Your Fall Planting Design

The best time to plant in Fayetteville, NC, especially if it is a large scale project, is in the fall. Fall is for planting! We highly recommend creating your plan and design this month. Doing so will give you time to get on Pinterest, meet with professionals, and research and shop for plant material!


Spray the Following…

At the end of August, it may be a good idea to spray your peach and nectarine trees for tree borers. The Peach Tree Borer will usually attack most stone fruit trees. Spraying and treating for the borers at the end of August will promptly interrupt their life cycle. Any eggs or larvae that may already be on or inside the tree will be treated.


Check Lawn for Grubs

Grubs are one of the uglier insects found in our yards. They serve as a food source for moles, birds, raccoons, and skunks. If you happen to notice mole¬†tunnels, you more than likely have a grub infestation, as the moles are attracted to the grubs. If you haven’t already treated for grubs in your lawn, August is the time to do so. A granular grub control will do the job. If it has been dry, be sure water the lawn one to two days before application, as this brings the grubs closer to the surface. After application, water in the granular treatment.


Manage Water Amounts

August is known for evening downpours. It is vital to be aware of the amount of rainfall you receive. Overwatering is prevalent during this month, as many homeowners and gardeners don’t have a rain gauge. It is essential to monitor the rainfall amounts so that you don’t overwater your plants.


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