Gardening Activities to Keep Us Busy


This is an unprecedented time in our lives. While most people are stuck at home, there are many things in and around your yard that can be accomplished that are perfect for the spring season. Join Jane, as she describes gardening activities to keep us busy during this extended time at home.

Planting Perennials and Annuals

Now is a great time to get outside and plant those perennials. At Green Side Up, we have a large variety of annuals and perennials that can be planted in landscape beds, hanging baskets, and containers. When planting annuals, be sure to be mindful of the nighttime temperatures. Since we are still in early spring, nighttime temperatures may get as low 35-40 degrees. This can kill tender annuals. If you have already planted some annuals, cover them with a sheet or burlap to protect them from a potential freeze. Or is possible, move them inside.

Planting a Vegetable and Herb Garden

How wonderful is it to grow your own vegetables and herbs? This is a great learning experience for children. When planting a vegetable garden, be sure to amend the soil with compost. It is essential to give the soil as many nutrients as possible so that the vegetables can utilize these nutrients. If you don’t have a raised garden bed, give container gardening a try. This works well for patios, balconies, or very small yards! Remember to choose a container that has proper drainage!

Planting Seeds

Another great learning experience for the kiddos is growing plants from seeds. Being able to watch your vegetables grow from seed to a mature plant is very rewarding. We have annual and perennial flowers, vegetables, and fruit seeds available.


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