Gardening and Outdoor Activities for Children

Gardening and Outdoor Activities for Children

With the kids out of school and daycares closed, kid-friendly activities are at top of the Google search list. While most of your normal activities involve interaction with people, there are many activities that are considered safe during this uncertain time. Continue reading to learn about Gardening and Outdoor Activities for Children!

Create a Miniature Garden

With so many options available at Green Side Up Garden & Gifts, all the kids are sure to find miniature supplies to spark their imagination! Start with selecting a pot. Be sure to select a pot that is not too deep, as the smaller plants may drown. Also, drainage holes are a must. Next, pour in soil into your container. Regular potting soil will work well for this project. Third, plant the miniature plants that you selected. Use your imagination, as there is no wrong pattern. Be sure to select plants that have the same watering needs. For example, you do not want to plant a succulent in the same pot as a fern. Next, add sand, pebbles, or bark to create pathways or terrain. Lastly, add your miniature figurines!

Build a Spaghetti Pot

If you don’t have the room for a raised garden bed, give container gardening a try! A spaghetti pot is the perfect container gardening task! Grab your tomato and herb plants, soil, a pot, and a tomato cage! It is that easy! Here are a couple of tips! Be sure to grab a pot will drainage holes. When selecting a soil, make sure that it has ample nutrients. We recommend Daddy Pete’s Potting Mix! Now it is time to pot up your spaghetti pot!

Paint Terracotta Pots

Any type of painting is fun for children! It is a great way to allow them to use their imagination and tap into their creative sides! It is easy! Pick up terracotta pots at Green Side Up and use any old paint that you may have around the house. If you don’t have paint, use markers or crayons. For a great tutorial, click on the link below! Photo and tutorial:

Create Garden Creatures

Nothing is more fun than creating something from nature! More than likely, you can find some rocks or stones in or around your yard. Try painting rocks with your children! Check out the tutorial below for more information! Photo and tutorial:


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