Growing houseplants in a house or room with minimal natural light can be a challenging task. But, you are in luck! Here are our top 4 picks for low light houseplants that will thrive with minimal light!


  1. Sansevieria (Snake Plant, Mother-in-Law’s Tongue)

This plant is as good as it gets for a houseplant! While the Snake Plant typically prefers medium light, it can still thrive in a low light situation…like your north-facing living room! Do not over-water this plant! The Snake Plant only needs water every 2-6 weeks – that’s it! Bonus: if you are a traveler but still want some green in your life, this plant is for you!


  1. Pothos

Another winner for travelers is the Pothos, as it is very laid back! This houseplant can grow in almost all conditions inside your home, to include low light and bright indirect sun, on a bookshelf or in the bathroom. When watering this plant, allow the soil to dry out completely. To get the most out of the Pothos in your home, be sure to place it on a shelf or somewhere that allows the vines to grow downward, as it has a trailing growth habit.


  1. Bird’s Nest Fern

Why is this houseplant called a Bird’s Nest? This plant gets its name by the way it grows! Next time you see one, take a look down into the center of the plant. The crown is where the new growth (fronds) emerges from, resembling a bird’s nest! When caring for this plant, be sure to water it often, as it prefers humid environments. Misting the plant daily during the growing seasons (spring, summer, and fall) is always a safe option. Do not water directly into the middle of the plant, as it will rot the crown. Again, a perfect addition to your low light room, as it thrives in a north facing situation!


  1. Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra)

It is no surprise that this plant does so well in a low light environment when used as a houseplant, as it thrives in the shade when planted outside. This plant can give your dreary corner a breath of life with its deep green leaves and full, upright growth habit. Inside a home, the Cast Iron Plant only needs water every 1-2 weeks during the growing seasons.


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