Air Purifying Houseplants

I always said working at the greenhouse I was breathing the cleanest air in town. It is true; plants are good for our mental health, and they are pleasing to the eye. Bonus, they clean our environment. Check out these little air purifying houseplants:

Aloe Vera

This plant is commonly known for its skin healing powers. They are packed with vitamins, enzymes and amino acids to help calm inflamed skin and rashes. Not only do they help our skin, but they also absorb formaldehyde from our air. It’s like the Superman of the indoor plants. They are easy to care for with occasional watering when the soil is dry.

Boston Fern

Boston Ferns remove more formaldehyde than any other plant. In addition to removing formaldehyde, they also highly efficient at removing other indoor air pollutants, such as benzene and xylene (components of gasoline exhaust). However, these plants are going to require some maintenance. They want food weekly in their growing season (summer months), and monthly in their dormant season (winter months). They need regular watering and humidity; you may need to water them or mist their leaves daily.

English Ivy

Here is the fact about English Ivy: If you grow it outside, it takes over and invades everything. If you purchase it to use inside your home ivy can be shaped like a topiary and kept under control. This plant is happy living in partial sunlight and will clean formaldehyde from your home. Another bonus, its low maintenance, just water or mist it and it will grow.

Peace Lily

One of the few houseplants that will bloom indoors, the Peace Lily with its seashell-shaped, will brighten up your indoor winter garden. It is also known for removing formaldehyde; in addition to eliminating benzene and certain VOCs that are emitted by harsh cleaning products. Fun fact: the peace lily not only cleans the air but it adds humidity. This plant is a double win.

Rubber Plant

Rubber plants are a good for interior rooms, as they need minimal sun. Fact: the less sunlight, the slower they will grow. This selection is at the top of the list for formaldehyde removers. Where is formaldehyde found? In particleboard furniture glue. Come on in and pick out a rubber plant today!

Snake Plant (Mother-in-law’s Tongue)

A snake plant is one of the hardest houseplants to kill. It does need to be occasionally watered, but for the most part, they prefer drier conditions and some sun. The snake plant removes benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and xylene from the air.

Spider Plant

Spider plants are simple to maintain. It is perfect for new gardeners and forgetful ones! This plant enjoys bright, indirect sunlight, and reproduces baby spider plants from flowers. Spider plants remove formaldehyde and xylene from our air.

Interested in more houseplants to freshen up your space indoors? Check out our greenhouse, where you will find tons of indoor houseplants for any green-thumb level! For updates, head over to our Facebook page!