Creating the perfect table for Christmas dinner can be a daunting task if you lack the creativity gene. Follow these steps to create a festive Christmas table that will leave people thinking you are a designer or florist!


  1. Devise a plan:

Start with developing a theme. Feel free to head on over to the internet to gain some motivation.

  1. Inventory your supplies

Head up to the attic and see what you’re working with. If you have items that will work with your theme, bring them out!

  1. Gather the essentials:

Begin collecting the items that will work with your theme with what you already have. If you do not have any statement pieces, head out to Green Side Up to find those unique pieces.

  1. Levels are important:

Be sure to build the table with varying degrees of height. Levels will add depth and dimension to your table.

  1. Work in texture:

If you fancy mixed metals or varying textures, fill some holes with a mix of gold and silver or mix in galvanized décor! Admit it, you are channeling your inner Joanna Gaines, too!

  1. Add light:

Adding candles or flameless candles can add a soft hue to your table. Consider pillars of varying height or for a more dream-like feel, add votives. If open flame makes you nervous, string lights with miniature bulbs can have the same effect as candles. Light it up!

  1. Bring the outside in:

This step is my favorite because you can add greenery! Head out to your backyard (or front yard) and gather evergreen pieces. A couple of ideas are magnolia, Leyland cypress, holly, and arborvitae! Believe it or not, bare branches can add some texture, too! Once you have collected several sprays of greenery, weave them into your décor and watch your table come alive.


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