Christmas Tree Care: Fresh Cut Fraser Firs

At Green Side Up we offer fresh cut Fraser Firs from Sturgill Tree Farms. Sturgill Tree Farms is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Fraser Firs are a popular choice for Christmas trees because of their dark evergreen coloring, and the smell of pine trees. Fresh cut trees are quite simple to care for in your home. They only require a daily water check. Here are a few quick tips to take care of your live tree.

Here are a few quick tips to take care of your live tree.

After selecting a pre-cut tree have the bottom 1/2″ to 1″ cut from the base. This fresh cut will allow the tree to absorb the warm sugar water. Add a cup of sugar with warm water for the initial watering. After that, you only need to add plain water.   

Select a tree stand that can hold 1 gallon of water. Set your tree up on your tree stand and place the tree indoors where you would like to decorate. Then cut the strings and give the branches 24 hours to settle.

After the tree has adjusted to the indoor temperatures trim away unwanted branches to shape your tree. And now decorate with the traditions from your home.

Once a day visually check the tree stand to ensure the live tree has plenty of water.

Lastly, when the holiday is over, and you are done enjoying your tree, you can take the time to recycle it.  You can chip them to use as mulch or donate your tree to Cape Fear Botanical Gardens. You may even add them to your compost.

Happy Holidays Fayetteville, NC