You Had Us at Aloe

Did You Say Aloe? 

It’s not secret that the weather is kicking up and our bodies sometime need a break fro the sun. We want to take you inside and share some fun away from the sun. Aloe Vera plants are one of the best summer secrets from all angles. Whether you are looking for a sooth from a burn or seeking an easy plant to take care of, we have you covered- Say aloe to our little friend.





….”Wait, Did I Water?”

 Aloe for starters, is a great plant variety for indoor. For those of you who forget to water and then remember days later and pour your water bottle on a plant hoping it will survive, (it’s okay, we all do it) this is the plant for you.  Aloe plants are best with not being watered to often. This plant requires its soil to get real dry before watering. Once the soil is completely dry, it is best to water thru to give the aloe the needed hydration. (Make sure to have a pot with proper drainage . A hole in the bottom will allow the drainage required for the plants health).


Aloe plants are some of the easiest plants to take care of, especially for indoor. These sun-loving plants helps clear formaldehyde and benzene, thus making a fresh air effect in your home. It’s air cleaning ability can be produced from any sun filled area like a kitchen window, bedroom window, or any other sun filled area. Aside from the easy growth, it gives a simple display and contains the ever popular gel to reduce the pain of cuts or burns. For those of you who spend countless hours outdoor, you will come to find a sense of relief when you walk through your doors looking like a lobster. Aloe plants also contribute a high volume of air, hair, and body care uses which is perfect for anyone’s needs.

Looking For Your Own Aloe Plant? 

We love aloe plants for all it’s various purposes and you will too! If you are looking for a great selection of these amazing plants, stop in and visit Green Side Up Garden & Gifts located in Fayetteville, NC!