Wine Note: Popping the Corks to the Garden

  • 29 June 2017

We all have nights where we uncork and unwind, some of us more than others. However, a bottle of wine doesn’t need to be seen as a bad thing, but rather as a garden project. (You think we are crazy, but just hang tight) A wine bottle consists of two things, the bottle and the cork. Everyone knows that a wine bottle presents a stature of elegance and can be used in all sorts of DIY projects, but what about the small little corks that pop off the relaxation? Could you guess that there are even DIY projects on those too? Check out all the fun ideas you can do!


Wine Cork Garden Markers:


This has got the be the easiest and quickest trick in the book. Drink up to the idea and just get how easy it is. All that is needed are old wine corks, sharpie, and bamboo skewers! Literally, all those collected wine corks come in handy when you garden needs a marker between you dill, basil, mint and so forth!


Use these not only in the garden, but in small planters, pots, and even mason jars as markers!


Wine Cork Created Planters:


Wine corks are great for easy DIY projects, reason being that you can glue them, tie them, or run wire through them with ease and they will (hold you wine glass here) actually stay together! Wine corks can be put in a circular or square like figure and simple pasted together to create something unique and be used as a reminder of how great your wine pallet is. These can be used inside or outside for whatever you feel suits the needs!


Wine Cork Magnets/ Succulent Planters:

This last trick can be used in two ways. One for design, another for creativity. Weather you glue magnets on the corks or not, you would still be creating something unique for your home. Since succulents require little to not water, a perfect holding place for the little small ones would be in a wine cork. Cut out a little hole for your small plant, add a little love, sip a glass of wine, and watch your creative juices soar!


From all of the above to much more, wine corks are a cost effective and fun use of creativity. With their flexibility and multiple uses, wine not drink another bottle and gain your next cork for the next big idea! Cheers!