Annuals- Live Fast, Die Young

  • 24 June 2017

What’s Our Advice? 

As of Wednesday (June 21st, 2017) it is now officially summer! Summer is such a great time to enjoy being outside. This includes time at the beach, parks, vacations, or even the oasis of your own backyard. Time should be spent enjoying the summer, not working through it. We are not beach experts, but if there is one thing we do know it is your yard and garden. What is our best advice? Relax this summer and go with something easy, annuals.

Annuals…Live Fast! 

The heat is kicking into high gear this summer so to save yourself from a tan line of the century, consider spending less time in the gardens and more time playing in it! This is where annual planting comes along. Annuals provide easy installation, a wide variety of color, and a great feel of a completed look in the yard.  


(Keep in mind that annuals only have certain growing period. They grow best throughout the summer, but die out with the cold…annuals… live fast, die young)





Where We Recommend Them: 

We recommend annuals in garden beds, standing pots, or even in window planters. Annuals provide vivid color or even lush foliage. They can be intertwined with perennials or in a section on their own. The great thing about annuals is that they live in the time needed for the summer, and then die out come colder weather. This gives gardeners opportunities to start with a fresh slate come the next spring/summer season. We love the mixing of colors and creating custom looks with the provided assets of annuals. Try different variations and locations to see what suits the looks you are going for!