Tomato Planting Tips

Who doesn’t love fresh from the vine tomatoes to complete your summer BLT or dinner salad? Tomatoes are a staple of summer, just like strawberries and watermelon. If you are one to grow your own vegetables, then it is imperative to know how to grow them in your climate. Continuing reading to learn the critical tomato planting tips for a high yield tomato season!

Location is Everything

One of the key aspects of planting tomato starters is to plant them in the right location in your yard. There are multiple factors to consider when looking for an appropriate spot for tomatoes to flourish. Begin by ensuring that your tomato plants will receive at least eight hours of direct sunlight per day. Secondly, ensure that the area has good drainage. Tomato plants dislike “wet feet” and will rot as a result. If possible, use a raised bed.

Prepare the Soil

As always, you should prepare your soil to ensure that there are enough nutrients to grow healthy plants. When preparing the soil, mix in compost, aged manure, and ground pine bark. Mix and till the soil about six to eight inches deep. If you know that your soil is acidic, you may amend the pH by adding lime to your soil. A soil test can tell you the pH of the soil.

Plant Correctly

When planting, be sure to plant the tomato starter plants deep enough. Often, novice gardens will not plant the rootball deep enough, leaving the roots exposed. Planting deep enough will also allow the plant to grow more roots, thus creating a stronger plant.

Plant Multiple Varieties

One of the most apparent reasons to plant multiple varieties of tomatoes is to be able to have a full selection! Also, it is essential to plant multiple varieties as each type has slightly different needs. Practicing this step will ensure that your hard work is rewarded with an abundance of tomatoes!


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