Perennial and Annual Flower Care

With the heat and lack of water, it is possible that your annuals and perennials are looking a bit tired or leggy. Your first impulse may be to toss them and start over, but that may not be necessary. Instead, keep reading about June annual and perennial flower care and what to do about your tired-looking flowers.

You will need…

You will need hand pruners or flower scissors to make clean cuts on your annuals and perennials. Sharp hand pruners will help you cut back your flowers without damaging the plant. For hard-to-reach flowers and stems, you can use micro-pruners with smaller blades. Work slowly when using any cutting tool to avoid injury.

Cutting Back Annuals

For annuals, such as petunias and calibrachoas, it may be easier to gather all of the stems in your hand and cut back the plant about 4-5 inches above the soil. It may feel like you are ruining the plant, but with it being so early in the growing season, your annuals will regenerate and grow new blooms within a couple of weeks.

Once you have finished cutting back your annuals, apply fertilizer and water it in. The newly added food will aid the plant in promoting new growth and fresh flowers!

Cutting Back Perennials

For most perennials, you may follow the same guidelines as the annuals listed above. However, you will make fewer and smaller cuts for any woody perennials, such as Butterfly Bushes. Your goal with woody perennials is to cut below the dead flower. Doing so will generate new growth and flowers!


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