How to Grow Citrus Trees in Containers

Imagine growing your own oranges and lemons at home! While it takes a little time and patience, it is possible, even if you don’t live in Florida! Continue reading to learn how to grow citrus trees in containers!

Plant Trees in Containers

The first place to start is to make sure you have purchased a dwarf citrus plant. This will allow you to plant in a container and still have the ability to bring it indoors every winter. Remember, citrus trees are native to the tropics and regions with tropical-like temperatures. It will be imperative to bring in your citrus tree every winter once temperatures reach 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit.

When selecting a container, start with a pot that is just a little bit bigger than the pot that the plant came in. For example, you only want about 1-2 inches of extra room around the rootball. Planting the citrus plant in a pot that is too big will cause the rootball to stay too wet, resulting in root rot. As the plant grows, you can step up the container size.

Remember to select a pot with drainage holes, as you will want the water to drain properly!

Potting Soils and Fertilizers

Anytime you are planting in a container, be sure to select potting soil that is made for containers. Potting soils made for containers allow the water to reach the roots without clumping.

It is essential to use a citrus fertilizer formulated specifically for citrus plants. Citrus fertilizers have calcium and magnesium, which are very important for fruit formation. Since citrus plants are big eaters, you will want to fertilize every 3-4 months.


Even though the citrus plants are dwarf, you will still need to trim them to keep them healthy. Only trim the plants after they are finished flowering and producing fruit for the season. If you prune too soon, you may cut off the part of the tree that is about to produce fruit! A small “haircut” is all these dwarf plants need.


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